We made an album created entirely by women, start to finish --

this means that all writing, instrumentation, arrangement, performance, production, engineering, mixing, mastering, marketing and visual media were carried out by women. 

Music made entirely by women
about the record
About the record . . .
About the record . . .

I Am Snow Angel, Dani Mari & Claire London recorded a 5 song EP that was created entirely by women.  The EP features Kiran Gandhi on drums and involves female audio engineers from New York, Boston and Los Angeles.

Kiran Gandhi- Drums
Kiran Gandhi- Drums

Kiran Gandhi is a Los Angeles-based musician, feminist activist and music industry thinker with an MBA from Harvard. She has toured professionally drumming for M.I.A and Thievery Corporation and currently produces electronic music under her own project called Madame Gandhi. She also advises music companies Spotify, Stem, Bonnaroo and D’addario.

RYAT- 9 to 5 Remix
RYAT- 9 to 5 Remix

Ever evolving in music and art, the solo artist RYAT, comes from the land of meditative avant jazz improvisations, classical composition, traditional songwriting, interactive multi-medium performance & installation art. She has shared musical stages with artists like Thom Yorke, Questlove, Amon Tobin, & Flaming Lips & has toured extensively across the world with her performances. RYAT often guest appears with many of the “in the know” improvisers, such as Taylor McFerrin and Mark Guiliana.

Dara Hirsch- Brooklyn
Dara Hirsch- Brooklyn

Dara is a Brooklyn-based audiophile, working as a composer, producer, sound designer, and audio engineer. She is a guitarist, drummer, violinist, and works with a variety of atypical instruments. She has collaborated with internationally-acclaimed producers, organizations, and composers, and has worked on notable records and award-winning films. Currently she is based out of Gravesend Recordings in The Silent Barn where she records bands and audiobooks.

Jett Galindo- LA
Jett Galindo- LA

With credits ranging from Bette Midler​ &​ Carmen Lundy​ to Gustavo Santaolalla​, Jett lives on the legacy left behind by her late mentor, mastering legend Doug Sax from the famed Mastering Lab Studios in Ojai, CA. She now works as a mastering engineer at The Bakery, located on the Sony Pictures Lot in Culver City, Los Angeles.

Kerry Pompeo- NYC
Kerry Pompeo- NYC

Kerry is a Brooklyn based recording & mix engineer. By day, she manages Beatstreet Productions, an audio post production facility in NYC. By night, you can find her working on various freelance projects and indulging in the inspirations of NYC's underground.

Steph Durwin- Boston
Steph Durwin- Boston

Steph began her career by recording and producing for artists on Naked Ear Records including Boston-based guitar extraordinaire, Tony Savarino. She honed her engineering chops at Mad Oak Studios, working on numerous projects with the great engineering staff there, including pieces of “Stomp” and “Stroll” by Big D and the Kids Table, "The New Way Out" by The Doped Up Dollies, and various single-song projects for Amanda Palmer.

Kimberly Thompson- LA
Kimberly Thompson- LA

Born in Los Angeles, CA ; raised in St. Louis, MO., is a three time Grammy™ winner and noted drummer whose success has traversed from performing all over the universe with top pop & jazz icons as Beyonce’ Knowles & fusion guitarist Mike Stern. A young television composer, as well as an actress, and hosting house drummer for television show "Late Night w/Seth Meyers” first season, writer of opening & closing theme song on the legendary tv network NBC.

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Meet the Founders

Claire London is a songwriter, vocalist and co-founder of Female Frequency.  She is based in LA and hosts workshops on the west coast.  She is a vocalist and lyricist for the songs featured on the Female Frequency collaborative album.

Claire London- Co-Founder

I Am Snow Angel is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, engineer, producer and co-founder of Female Frequency.  She is the engineer and producer for the all female collaborative album and has also contributed instrumentations, lyrics and vocals.

I Am Snow Angel- Co-Founder

Dani Mari is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and founder of Female Frequency.  She was interested in working with a female producer for her next album and noticed in her initial search that there were not many female producers or female owned recording studios. She reached out to Women in Music to find a female producer and met fellow WIM member I Am Snow Angel. The idea of collaborating together grew into an all female recording project. Every part of the recording process from beginning to end and beyond will be completed by a female. I Am Snow Angel suggested Claire London as another female to collaborate with and Female Frequency was born.  Dani Mari is a vocalist and lyricist for the songs featured on the Female Frequency collaborative album.  She is currently in the process of producing her own dreamgaze album as Primitive Heart

Dani Mari- Founder
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